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schmidt's in the mission

    thrifted floral dress, h&m thigh highs + tights, parka from south korean boutique

    Hey look, I managed to take a photo of my outfit! I don't have anything to say about it except for 1. I have a strange soft spot for grungy 90's florals that I can't seem to shake off, 2. I can't bring myself to throw away my favorite dingy booties, and 3. I freaking lurve this parka. The obvious star of this post are the photos of food (no surprise there, huh?) since they chronicle our first trip to Schmidt's in the Mission. Don't ask me how this is only our first when BF lives only a few blocks away and we've been to Walzwerk (the owners' other restaurant) countless times. Walzwerk is on my top ten list of favorite places to eat in SF and the only reason why I have never blogged about it is because I'm too busy scarfing down my pork schnitzel to remember that I have a camera. It's that good.

    hello beer

    Well, in any case, here we finally are. It was Mike's birthday yesterday so we chose to come for lunch instead of dinner since we had plans for a night out at Smuggler's Cove. With my terrible tolerance for alcohol, I'm not very particular about my beer so I honestly cannot name what BF and friends had while we were here. My drink of choice is usually a diesel which is half Coke and half beer (pictured upper right) since I'm so obsessed with Cola and it's actually surprisingly good mixed with this beer.

    cold cuts
    duck sausage

    We started off with a platter of cured meats which came with bread, two mustards, butter, onions, and pickles. Next came black beer and onion soup with a pumpernickel gruyere crouton (not pictured) and finally, Mike's grilled duck sausage with homemade sauerkraut and potato salad. I'm not going to lie, I usually abhor sauerkraut and avoid it all the time but this stuff was amazing and went really well with the sausage. I'm glad Mike went with the duck but next time I'd like to try the smoked or chicken bratwurst, among many others (there's seriously over 10+ to choose from).

    veal schnitzel sandwich
    hello egg

    The highlight of my day: this veal schnitzel sandwich with a fried egg. The four of us had one each and unanimously agreed that they were quite spectacular. My egg spewed out just the right amount of runny goo (man, I love fried eggs) and the bread was fresh and the veal was breaded and cooked perfectly well. We forgot to order a side of spƤtzle but oh well, it was still a delicious experience nevertheless. We're definitely going back.

    hi mikehi hammi

    Added bonus: here are Mike and Chris, who have been included on the blog before. There's also a photo of Brent and me but I know that the moment I post it, he's going to demand that I take it down. I don't think we have any flattering photos together, haha. Anyway, two more things to talk about: the Siwy contest is running until next Wednesday and check out these photos from Chictopia's Shop Social! Here's what I wore that night to finally meet a bunch of my blog/twitter friends!