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finding a balance


    I know many people are not very open about weight on personal fashion blogs but it's a topic that is relevant to my life at the moment and I'm sure many of you can relate as well. I get quite a few comments and emails asking how I am able to eat so much and still stay skinny; I've been to the gym a grand total of two times in my life and always hated the word "diet". Maybe I was flattering myself by claiming that I don't do anything, but in truth, there's a lot that many of you don't see. I do wear loose dresses and tops and may pose for photos in a way that hides what's really there but I'm starting to feel the effects of leading an unhealthy lifestyle inside my body.

    I'm currently sitting in front of my computer eating a salad. A salad? This is coming from someone whose dad once bet her $50 that she couldn't finish a salad and made her way through one just for the money. Nevertheless, even in high school it was easy to be naturally healthy (without a need for the word "diet") when I was living at home four years ago with a mom who would cook five days a week. However, when I moved away for college, I gained a good 20 pounds over the course of six months while living in the dorms and never eating homecooked meals. My mom would also only let us drink soda on weekends but when I left, I fell into the trap of having sugary drinks all the time with my meals and reached a point where I'd have one or two cans of (regular, not diet) Coke everyday. And don't even get me started on my addictive obsession with fast food...

    BF and I had a really intense conversation about how we need to change our terrible habits and have been making an effort to eat better and eat out less. I mean really, was it necessary to get brunch at Boogaloo's twice last week after going to Schmidt's right before? Of course, we're still going to treat ourselves to nice meals out once or twice a week but for now we're going to try exercising and eating at home for most of the week. We're not doing this just to lose weight, we're doing it to feel better and live healthier lifestyles. Fear not, food porn will not suffer. BF and I are already planning trips to more places that we want to try but we're spacing them out more. For now, I'm anticipating our reservation at Boulevard for BF's 25th birthday in a week and a tentative trip to Chapeau to celebrate with friends.

    And you know what? This salad is actually quite delicious. Not bad at all.