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that joke isn't funny anymore

    vintage silk top, forever 21 cardigan, thrifted button up skirt, vintage etienne aigner oxfords

    Outfit from last week that I never managed to post. My camera is frustrating me more and more as time passes. No idea what's going on with this weird pinkish/purple haze. Is it just my monitor? I'm wearing navy blue, black, and brown in case you can't tell. Yes, those three together. If I hear another person say that you can't pair any of those colors together I'm going to slap them.

    Guess what, I'm also wearing tights with socks. I posted an outfit on a Livejournal community once and was chewed out by some [expletive] who acted as if it was the crime of the century that I had combined the two. Umm, really? There's a reason I don't post there anymore...