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ike's place

    hella fat bastard from ike's

    change from ike's

    I'm looking through old pictures and DYING. At some point BF and I were going to Ike's on a regular basis but more recently we actually haven't been since the summer. I do remember that there was this one weekend where I had it twice and wanted to die since it really doesn't help that I like to order the behemoth known as the "Hella" Fat Bastard. See that white blob in the center of the first sandwich? That, my friends, is a fried mozzarella stick. A F-F-FRIED MOZZARELLA STICK!(?) I'm dead serious, just look at their giant menu. Oh my g...

    But really, if you haven't been there yet and are/will/may be in town sometime soon, you MUST go. We usually call in and pick up (it usually takes 45 minutes to an hour) but you can easily just show up and order. Just avoid peak lunch hours because those waits are impossible. My friends called in recently and were told they had to wait two to three hours for their sandwiches, wtf. But trust me, it's worth it. Just look at these pictures!