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school life and more


    Second week of school: still stressing about getting into classes while balancing the work that I'm required to put into them. From my Virgil professor who loves putting the class on the spot with surprise "quizlets" and bare Latin passages sans notes to my Ulysses professor who warned that his class should be first priority above all our others, I can tell this is going to be a fun year. Honestly, it sounds tough but all I can to do is stay on task and be two steps ahead of everyone. I'm a huge fan of leading a structured life with organized notebooks and meticulously planned days (with the occasional surprise here and there, of course). It's a little boring but it works, in my case at least.

    So of course it's only fitting that my go-to school bag happens to be a bag with multiple pockets for the organized placement of specific articles, right? The leather on my vintage Frye backpack is faded and completely beat up, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I plan on using it until something legitimately breaks and by legitimately I mean anything that cannot be saved by duct tape, sewing, etc...

    school supplies

    On another note, I have a huge soft spot for school supplies and stationary. Last weekend I took a trip to Kinokuniya in Japantown and bought these little notebooks and .28mm pens. Yes, I'm also very meticulous about my writing, both in terms of content and what I use to write and also what I write on. Hmm, I should just label this post "a glimpse into my OCD lifestyle" and end it here. Thankfully I have soft serve ice cream to mellow me out and make me feel less crazy! Okay, that was a terrible transition, I'm sorry. It's almost 1am here and I can't sleep before my 9:30am class. For relevance's sake, these two last photos were taken around the same time and I wanted to squeeze in just this last photo in because, damn, I love soft serve ice cream.

    ice cream