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saint james striped shirts at lark

    Before leaving to visit Vancouver a month ago, my friend Mikey raved about how excited he was to go shopping there and showed me the Lark store's website where he planned to go to check out their selection of Saint James striped shirts. He ended up purchasing a short sleeved top with navy stripes and upon seeing it I was seriously tempted to run away with it. One of these days I'll get a picture of how he wears it! Although I do regret not having asked him to bring me back one, I'm still planning on ordering from the site when I get the chance. I'm thinking maybe red stripes with 3/4 sleeves? Or a short sleeved navy one like Mikey's? Or perhaps both? I can't decide!

    In any case, posting about this was primarily sparked by a visit to the site after seeing it on him a few days ago and a need to spread the word since I've received a couple of emails asking where readers can get striped shirts like mine. While everyone doesn't have the chance to score at vintage or thrift stores, I'd say that these Saint James shirts are a great alternative. Wait, what am I saying? These shirts are way better than any ratty old tee! I need to stop myself from buying their whole selection. For now, here are these amazing shots that I found at the Lark blog. I'm a sucked for these colors in photos.

    PHOTO CREDIT: the Lark blog