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saturday in the city


    After a stressful week like the past one, weekends like these are a blessing. My boyfriend doesn't usually have Saturdays off so today was a treat! We started the day off with a nice brunch at Boogaloo's down the street. Mmm, omelet! I like savory breakfast foods most of the time but next time I'm definitely going with something sweet.

    huevos rancheros

    Pika got the huevos rancheros, his roommate Chris went for the chicken ranchero with a chicken cilantro soup, and as I stated earlier, I had custom made omelet with swiss cheese, tomatoes, and ham. Delish!


    Next stop of the day: Dolores Park in the Mission. Met up with more friends for card games and other silly things. I guess this counts as an outfit shot? Wearing an Acne shirt over an H&M tank, Lux shorts, and thrifted lace-up booties. Not sure what I was doing in the first picture but Devin and Megan's deer ears are cute.


    Final stop: some Mexican restaurant for pitchers of margaritas and other tasty appetizers. Unfortunately, I was the only person there under 21 so I was unable to partake in the debauchery. Why are the last few months before your birthday always the most unbearable? Hmph. Oh, and here's my Pika wearing my red American Apparel pocket cardigan over a Sabatino striped tee. I love these colors together! I'm probably not going to get that cardigan back but it's okay since that just means I can steal his.