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how to be a bad blogger

    Calvin Klein vertical striped shirt, Lux pencil shirt

    A mix of failed job searches, lack of inspiration, and sheer laziness can be attributed to my current state of listlessness and frugality. I go through these cycles where I get bored with everything around me and unfortunately my appearance suffers as a result. I usually turn to shopping as a good pick-me-up but I'm afraid I can't go on any shopping sprees until I have a paycheck coming in. I'm not too keen on the idea of going back home to Pasadena for the summer regardless of all the bribes my parents have put on the table and am trying my best to cope with the situation.

    Until then, I've decided that I'm going to try to make the best of everything and turn to my existing possessions for inspiration rather than . I just completed a major overhaul of the contents of my closets and got rid of a ton of things I know I won't wear anymore. In the process I uncovered a ton of things I forgot I had ever purchased and will certainly incorporate into outfits in an attempt to combat this state of perpetual boredom.

    PS. BUY MY MBMJ DRESS! The price is based off of previous offers but I'm turning to Lulu for a more organized transaction.