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maximum joy

    h&m maxi dress, anthropologie heels (not pictured)

    Today was a surprisingly nice day. The weather in the Bay Area hasn't really reflected the fact that it's mid-June so it was nice to see some sun for a change. It gave me a chance to wear this cute floral maxi dress from H&M that is actually long enough to pass my ankles. The watercolor print goes amazingly well with the fabric and length although the amount of boobies that were exposed could be a bit too much at times. I did get three or so compliments from random strangers in the city though!

    BF took me out for the best dim sum ever at Yank Sing in SF which was then followed by some shopping (mostly him) and people watching at Coffee Bean. Pika (I'm just going to call him what I usually do IRL, haha) bought a striped hooded Sabatino top from Barney's that I picked out and a loose orange tee from H&M. I wish I could go shopping but for now I'll live it up through him. Although he did offer to buy me something if I'm nice to him...

    (On another note, why am I always happiest when my day centers around good food? True fatty status?)

    I'm going to go ahead and post food porn anyway. So delish!
    dim sum at Yank Sing
    And here's the cute little Pika who made this all possible.
    steamed pork bun
    Pika eating potstickers
    Oops! Bra slip and something weird in my hair? Mmm, egg custard tart.