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outfit redo (and a video!)

    vintage top, silence and noise highwaisted shorts, thrifted belt, vintage oxfords + blazer

    It's suddenly really chilly and, upon adding these knee high socks and shrunken blazer, I realized that I like this outfit much more than I like the first. Can you tell that I was stretching the last moments of daylight to take these? This is definitely a look I should save for the fall but screw that, I'll wear it during the summer if I want to. Speaking of summer... where is it? Why has it been only 60-70 degrees tops? Something tells me that when it hits 90+ degrees I'm going to regret having complained about this...

    (Since people requested seeing me in video mode here is further proof that I am a spaz and can't even get the name of my blog right.)

    hello blog from Annabel Ly on Vimeo.