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rainy easter sunday

    easter dayeaster day
    Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick Skinny in Star and Current/Elliott shirt via Revolve Clothing, H&M trench, GAP socks, and vintage oxfords

    I spent a grand total of 20 minutes outside of my apartment in the rain. Why was it raining so badly on Easter? Last year I wore the cutest little strapless floral dress and spent the day with BF doing laundry and eating pho. This time, we had planned to take a bus down to Temescal for some beer and Korean BBQ but by the time BF reached my apartment, he was way too soaked and grumpy to want to go anywhere. Thankfully I live right across two (albeit mediocre) Korean restaurants which were enough to satisfy our appetites.

    easter dayeaster day

    Well, at least I finally found the perfect pair of black ankle skinny jeans courtesy of Revolve! It's hard to tell just by looking at these photos but these jeans are unbelievably stretchy and, I dare say, rival leggings in the comfort department. But are they jeggings? I'll let you guys be the judges of that. Let me end with this: I am currently wearing them in bed watching LIFE on the Discovery Channel and have not bothered to change into pajamas. Convinced yet?

    citizens of humanity jeanscitizens of humanity jeans