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lounging around

    lounging aroundlounging around
    american apparel striped sweater, theory shorts, hansel from basel tuxedo socks

    I'm sitting on my bed procrastinating a research paper while wearing Hansel From Basel socks I forgot I had (from their first collection) and a sweater originally purchased for BF which he admitted he couldn't see himself wearing. Did I mention it was our one year anniversary last week? We intended to go on a picnic but it rained on the day that we chose so we held it indoors. I still haven't received my present (Lulu says it's good, so I'm trusting her judgment) because of FedEx but there's no rush.

    In other news, I'm used to my short hair now but can't figure out what to do on days when the frizz won't go away (like today). I'm trying to stay away from heat and styling tools but am really tempted to dye my hair a lighter brown. bad idea? Also, any solutions for cracked lips? Nothing I use seems to be working.

    And finally, because I love torturing you guys with photos of food (just kidding) here's some Tartine for the road. I always take for granted that BF lives within walking distance from there.

    bread pudding