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walking around the mission

    vintage duffle coat, vintage dress, anthropologie boots

    I've been wearing this coat nonstop since I bought it; I think it's meant to be. I also just realized that it's actually a really dark navy blue, not black. That doesn't change anything since I don't discriminate against wearing the two simultaneously. Yesterday we walked to Ike's and gorged (using this verb for a second time this week) ourselves with their monster sandwiches. Also, lol @ Brenty trying to get into my pictures.

    waiting for sandwiches
    serioushi there
    sabatino hooded top, french connection jacket, april 77 jeans, toms slip-ons

    I'm going to skip out on food pictures for once this time just to spare the hungry who haven't had their breakfast/lunch/dinner. Let's just say it was the only thing the three of us were able to eat for the whole day. I'll keep this short since I'm going back to the city to go shopping. Today was the official last day of classes and I'll be swamped for the next two weeks. I'll try to update here and there!