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study study study

    acne v-neck, vintage silk top, bdg jeans, anthropologie boots

    Yes, it's that time again. Final exams, papers, yada yada.. I'll spare you guys from the annoying details. I'm unusually calm at the moment but I don't expect it to last very long, I think it's the eight cups of tea I've consumed compulsively. Here's what I wore today to, umm, not leave my apartment after coming back from an optional class. I went out in an oversized sweater and froze my ass off in the sunny 40 something degree weather and refused to leave my place for the rest of the day. I know this weather is not terrible for most people but when you're as spoiled as we Californians are, it's really unbearable. The other day my friend and I were talking to a sales rep at Barneys (where I just bought this super soft Acne top, btw) who's from England and was loving the weather; unfortunately it's just not our thing.

    I also spent the day taking new photos for the shop! Sorry to anyone who has emailed me within the past month inquiring about items, I closed the shop without saying anything. I'll get back to you guys ASAP. Most of the clothes I posted are perfect for winter and cold weather so check it out!

    vintage oversized oatmeal cableknit sweater