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simple pleasures

    in the kitchen

    Ten things I really enjoy at the moment:

    01. My newly cleaned kitchen. I hadn't touched it in weeks.
    02. All-white ensembles. Currently wearing a vintage J. Peterman skirt and H&M tee that I cut.
    03. Not brushing my hair. It makes me look edgier than I really am. Maybe a little crazy? That's not a bad thing.
    04. Looking forward to Fridays with Pika in the city after a long week of classes. Tomorrow needs to come sooner.
    05. Waking up to the Katamari soundtrack playing on my phone. Ohh lonely rolling star~!
    06. Having my hard work pay off and getting A's on unnecessarily difficult Latin quizzes.
    07. Watching the sunset over the bay from my window. I miss my 7th floor dorm room sometimes.
    08. Having more money in my bank account than I had originally counted on. Time to go shopping.
    09. Spending way too much time at cafes with friends while completing a minimal amount of work.
    10. Receiving emails about the blog, be it from fans or major companies. I'm bursting with news!