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cleaning out my closet

    09-16-09another shot
    vintage dress, vintage etienne aigner oxfords

    Busy, busy day. Spent the whole day going to class, cleaning out my closet, taking pictures and updating a separate blog for things I'm selling. Yep, I caved and created SHOP BLUSHING AMBITION. Most of the things are vintage finds that I've acquired over the years so it's definitely worth a look. Right now I have a couple sweaters, cardigans, blouses, and blazers for sale. Here's a navy blazer with gold buttons that is up for grabs:

    vintage two button navy blazer


    Oh, and today I finally ventured out to my local overpriced *ahem* organic market and realized how much I hate to love it. For lunch I made a toasted onion and poppyseed bagel sandwich with slices of smoked ham from the deli, havarti cheese, a couple grape tomatoes on the side, and the best mayonnaise I've ever tasted. I have a crazy obsession with mayo which is strange considering that Pika has a mayo phobia. I guess that's just one thing we'll never agree on, hmph. Not going to lie, I picked up the bottle of Kewpie just because it was from Japan and ridiculously adorable but its taste blew me away. It's even better than homemade mayo! I heard it's because of the MSG... oh dear.

    bagel sandwich

    bagel sandwich

    kewpie mayo