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brunch at starbelly in the castro

    french fries

    Apologies to everyone, these pictures are almost a month old but I kept neglecting to post them. Agh, sorry! A couple weeks ago Brent and I stopped by Starbelly to try their weekend brunch menu. I'd been there once before for dinner and it was pretty good but breakfast/brunch is usually my favorite meal of the day and I'd been itching to go back.

    french toast and bacon
    almost done

    First we shared the french fries with three dipping sauces. Totally unnecessary given the amount of food we were getting but I had them the last time I was there and had been craving them quite a bit before that. Last time I also had a chorizo pizza but since they only serve brunch on weekends I knew I had to try their french toast and it did not disappoint. They even cure their own bacon! Brent got chilaquiles which were also pretty fantastic, overall, it was a great meal and I'd definitely recommend it.

    coffee and tea