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lunch at nopalito


    Finally got Brent to come to Nopalito with me! I'd been there before (it's less than two blocks from my apartment!) but we always end up going somewhere else on our lunch dates when Brent is in the area. I've been a little lazy about taking out my camera when I go to restaurants and I think that my new phone is to blame since it's so much easier to records meals with an iPhone except I'm less inclined to blog about it here and more likely to post it on Tumblr.

    totopos con chile
    enchiladas de pollo con mole
    torta de carnitas

    When you read the Yelp reviews most people complain about how it's not really authentic Mexican food... well, one, I abhor most self proclaimed "foodie" Yelp reviewers, and two, most of the Mexican food people consider authentic is just as Americanized as Chipotle in my opinion, even in the Mission. Whatever dude, as long as my food is juicy and flavorful I don't give a crap about authenticity. We started with the totopos con chile which were tortilla chips dipped in a chile salsa sprinkled with cheese and cilantro and crema on the side. Brent went with the enchiladas de pollo con mole and I got a torta de chilorio which is what I usually get there. Everything was satisfying and delicious as per usual and I washed my food down with their homemade iced tea while Brent drank rosé (he said something about really liking their wine list, I guess).

    iced tea