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happy 2nd birthday blog

    Gap denim jacket, Acne v-neck, jeans, + tote bag (via Gilt), Rachel Comey boots

    Hey look, I finally got it! One of my earliest posts on this blog involved me whining about this bag and two years later, I found it on Gilt and Brenty offered to buy it for me. That reminds me, apparently my blog is hitting the two year mark tomorrow! I'd like to thank everyone who has been with me since then for continuing to come back and I'd also like to wish a great big welcome to anyone who has found me recently. I think I finally know where I'm going with this blog and I'm sorry for being a terrible poster for a while, I promise I'll be a much better blogger now!

    you missed

    Hey look, Megan and I finally got a picture together! First we went to In-N-Out then met up with our friend Greg for ice cream at Humphry Slocombe then headed over to Daiso in Japantown to buy Megan's pup Penny a raincoat. Did anyone notice the tiny dried ice cream stain on my pants in the above pictures? Megan caught me right when I noticed it, but I guess I didn't clean it off well enough. So embarrassing! I thought about photoshopping it out but ehh, why bother? Time to embrace my inner slob...

    ice cream on my pants
    ice cream freak
    lol megan
    lol greg

    And finally, some close-up gratifying pictures of our ice cream for everyone. Megan and I both got brown butter (and Greg dumped his scoop of chocolate on mine since they messed up his order and gave him that instead of the olive oil flavor) and Greg ended up with cucumber ice milk. If you're ever in the area, go!

    humphry slocombe

    p.s. I'm sure everyone by now know that I wear clip in hair extensions from time to time (I bought them at Sally's but I don't remember the brand, sorry) but every now and then I'll get emails from bewildered people asking how it grew so fast (really guys?). Oh, and I finally updated my shop. It'll only be open until Tuesday because I'm going to Coachella with Lulu so email me while you can!

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