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fifteen again

    thrifted top, vintage dress via Pretty Penny, drugstore tights, Rachel Comey bernard platforms via Jeremys

    I cut my bangs too short last night and developed a giant pimple on my cheek. What am I, 15 again? I suppose I also decided to dress the part when I was pressed for time this morning before Megan picked me up to go to San Jose for the day and night. Actually, when I was 15 I had razor cut hair, wore really dark eye make up, and was 25 pounds lighter so I wore super tight tops and skinny jeans (yet I still managed to be voted most fashionable in my high school yearbook?)

    Is it just me or are teenagers so much more well dressed now than when I was growing up? I get a little jealous when I see girls pull off super adorable outfits on their blogs that I definitely wouldn't be able to wear right now. Well, I could, but I would honestly just feel really ridiculous. Someone once asked me if I was ever afraid of looking too old because of my current style but I admitted that at this point in my life I would prefer to appear like I'm older than to look like I'm trying to look younger and keep up with trends.


    Well, being in your early 20s isn't exactly old but it's more of a difference in lifestyle thing I suppose. Being out of college and being on my own feels so much more different than it did when I was still in school surrounded by my peers. Ahh well, I'll still love these mini dresses.