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bringing on the lulz

    vintage dress, parka from a korean boutique, american apparel tights, vintage boots, fjallraven backpack

    Feeling totally drained after working on an essay all weekend. Sometimes I wonder if I force myself to feel this strung out and overwhelmed. Nay, I've just had a lot to deal with. Things are starting to look better, thankfully. Yesterday was a nice little break, except for that pigeon feather which flew into my mouth while I tried to imitate Lulu on camera. Actual video coming later.

    ...alright bitches, who am I f***ing kidding trying to be serious and laconic about this shit: A PIGEON FEATHER FLEW INTO MY DAMN MOUTH ON F***ING CAMERA. We played that shit over and over again so many times that Lulu and I both cried from laughing too hard. WHO THE HELL DOES THIS HAPPEN TO?! I mean really, I was just trying to enjoy my cream puff and blended drink from Coffee Bean (while making fun of Lulu) and this feather just happened to fly into my f***ing mouth. Editing that video is going to be a huge pain since I can't think about it without laughing insanely hard and wanting to pee myself.


    Sometimes all you need is a really good laugh which takes over you so well that you totally forget about whatever problems or bullshit were previously messing with your mind, even if it's just for a second. Laughter is awesome, guys. Although most of the time the people around me are laughing at me, not with me. Hmph. Okay, now just look at LULU'S SHINY HAIRRRR...

    dirty backpack
    lulu's hair