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faux summer

    parka from a korean boutique, rachel comey romper via aritzia, drugstore tights, hansel from basel socks, vintage oxfords

    My hands still smell from all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ and I'm sitting at home trying to warm up after being in the freezing fog earlier this night. This is by far the worst Bay Area summer I've experienced and even with this new romper the only way to wear it today was with tights and this same ol' parka (for anyone who has asked me about it, I have no idea where to find one exactly like it since it was the only one when I went). Can you even tell it's strapless? What a waste. At the first sign of 80 degree weather I will be wearing nothing but this romper and a pair of sandals, hmph. It's still available online here but it's pretty pricey at the moment, maybe the discount will increase soon.

    In response to a couple questions: the orange lipstick is MAC Morange, the Kanken backpack is the Classic Green one, and the song in my latest video is from the Link's Awakening soundtrack. I was waiting for someone to catch that last one, lol.

    PSSSSSSSSSSSS: no eyes until I get my haircut in LA this weekend. I can't see anything.