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posing in front of a kitchen does not make you more domestic

    thrifted dress, maison martin margiela mm6 waffle cardigan, zara platforms

    Do you like my t-rex/raptor imitation? No idea what's going on with my arm there. In any case, this is what I wore yesterday. I don't know what made me want to actually get ready when all I did was work on a paper at home all day. I am currently sitting in front of my computer wondering if I should even bother showering. Nah, don't think so. Until 5pm tomorrow, I will be a slave to this computer working on inserting screenshots (seriously, why has this been the hardest and most tedious task I've done?) and finishing the last two pages of this paper for my anime class. This may be simultaneously the most fun and annoying paper I've ever written in my undergraduate career since I literally spent a month going through seven hours of materials countless times and another month figuring out what the hell I wanted to write. This course was easily the best one I've taken at Cal and it's even a major requirement!

    sunday morning

    Oh and, sunday morning breakfast: ricotta pancakes. Something so easy even I could make it (recipe here) but I didn't have to since I have an adorable boyfriend who comes over to my place and does it for me. I even got flowers last night! Unfortunately he's getting sick right now and I have finals to worry about so we won't really see each other this week. I'm waiting anxiously for Friday to come so I can finally finish this semester and maybe dedicate more time to this blog...