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out of commission


    I don't know how else to put this but at the moment I'm recovering from a minor surgical procedure and it'll be very difficult to blog regularly for a while. It's nothing too serious, just really unbelievably painful and I won't be fully recovered for another month. I also can't keep up with my difficult 8am to 5:30pm schedule in this condition, so I have to drop two of my classes and take them next semester instead. So yup, I can't graduate this Spring like I'd intended to and I have to live with this for the next few weeks. I'm confused, worried, and disappointed but I just have to remember that it could be much worse. Thankfully I have my amazing boyfriend who has been taking care of me on his days off and has made the pain a lot more bearable even when the vicodin doesn't seem like enough. Even with all of these sudden changes to my life, I'm trying my best to keep my head up and not end up depressed but it's going to be difficult. Thanks for hanging in there, guys.