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cookies solve all of life's problems



    After telling myself that I wouldn't let my cabin fever get the best of me this weekend, I ventured out for the first time in two weeks to hang out with Pika and Mike. Needless to say, I was exhausted, cranky, and in pain less than an hour in, but it was still a vast improvement from festering all weekend in my bedroom. I'm surprised Pika was actually willing to curb his fast pace and walk slowly beside me (although not without the occasional jest about my gimp walk). Thankfully I'm now back in my cozy apartment and do not plan on leaving until I absolutely must for class on Monday. At least I retained my sanity.

    Muni was a pain in the ass and for some reason it took us three buses to get to Haight Street. Somehow we ended up in the Castro after a bus stopped running halfway through and stumbled into Hot Cookie for some, well, cookies obviously. The three of us were quite satisfied with our choices (the white chocolate macadamia cookie was mine if anyone was wondering) and a lot less grumpy thanks to the sugar in our systems.

    white chocolate macadamia


    fudge cookie