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fall fell fallen

    thrifted floral dress, vintage booties, forever 21 cardigan

    Oh, did I speak too soon a couple posts ago? IT'S FINALLY REALLY FALL! Excluding the scattered rainy days, today was the first one that actually felt like an autumn day. What better way to greet fall than with a celebratory outfit? I was saving the floral dress for a day like this. The sky was completely clear with just the right amount of warmth from the sun and the cool breeze served as a pleasant sample of the weather to come.

    I was also reminded that I need to find tall boots for fall and winter as opposed to the booties I wear on a daily basis. I have the pair of tan ones that I wore all spring and summer although I would like a pair in darker leather, preferably black. I'm leaning towards vintage, of course, but I'm considering splurging on a bigger buy. If they last me a couple years, why not? In any case, that's on the top of my list of purchases at the moment.