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a day in my shoes


    Because everything in my head makes more sense through lists:
    01. Midterms and papers are creeping up, oh boy. I've tried to stay away from library binges but here we are again...
    02. Dying to watch the Dodger game right now but I don't have TBS. Been staring at this game clicker for hours.
    03. My point-and-shoot is becoming more and more of a pain now that it only works 30% of the time. Yet another reason to anticipate my birthday. I was going to leave it up to my dad to choose but do you guys have any suggestions?
    04. Finally found chả lụa for my sandwiches at a market in Chinatown. I always have such a difficult time finding Vietnamese food or dishes without my dad. Still looking out for chả bò. Anyone know where I can find some in the bay area?
    05. "Are you a model?" "No." "Have you ever modeled?" "Yes." "Did you like it?" "No." - Man, I hate creepy guys.
    06. Made a new little playlist for the blog so feel free to click on it, sans autoplay and all. I stop going to blogs with that.
    07. Nasty Gal sidewalk sale this Saturday! Click here for details. I'm definitely stopping by for a bit so see you there.
    08. Kind of unabashedly obsessed with this blog. Need these earl grey sandwich cookies right now. And maybe a baby.
    09. Had a giant freak out yesterday over finding out that an anime class being offered for the Senior Seminar in my major.
    10. Will be putting up more stuff at SHOP BLUSHING AMBITION sometime next week. Please let me know how you feel about your purchases!