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pika pika. pika? pika.

    vintage silk top, thrifted belt, lux jeans cut into shorts, vintage boots

    Today I drank a delicious banana smoothie at Duboce Park Cafe, went back to Berkeley, and met with Pika for tacos at Picoso. Oops, I forgot to take pictures! I also scanned and uploaded purikura pictures from a date last week to Japantown. Did I ever mention that my boyfriend and I refer to each other as Pika? Sometimes we greet or call out to each other by saying "PIKA PIKA!" Imagine how entralled we were upon finding out that the purikura place in SF is called Pika Pika! It went something like this:

    Me: Pika?
    BF: Pika!
    Me: *points* PIKA PIKA!!

    Erm, well, I digress. Perhaps I should directly post the pictures to my blog? We'll see. Now, back to the actual outfit: I just found the perfect loose silk shirt a couple days ago. Don't you just love the huge slouchy pockets and right amount of sheerness that hints at the presence of a black bra? I sure do. I also cut up these old jeans on a whim and realized that I like them more as shorts! They had always fit somewhat awkwardly at my ankles. As for the boots... I have a love/hate relationship with wearing shorts and boots together. Sometimes I think they're tacky and other times I just can't get enough of the explorer look they have going on. Obviously today my mindset belonged to the latter...

    (Thanks for all of the music suggestions in the last post! I'm looking into all of them and I promise to post a playlist soon!)

    perfect silk shirt