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lazy day in the park

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    Lazy outfit for a lazy Saturday in Dolores Park. I'm really starting to get attached to the cut-off shorts + boots combination! The weather seemed to change every 20 minutes until we finally gave up and left when we realized that the clouds were there to stay. When I posted the previous outfit on Livejournal certain people commented that the boots look out of place since it's summer. Summer? Here? If you count 65 degrees as summer, sure...

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    However, even if it's not nice and sunny, lounging around in the park is still as fun as ever while hanging out with friends and meeting new people. Pika and his roommates are trying to get an apartment in the Mission so wish them luck! They currently live in the Outer Richmond area of San Francisco and although there is the option of walking to the Haight, the area right outside the apartment isn't really happening and they're looking for something different.

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    On a final note, I just booked a flight home for next week! I'll be in LA/Pasadena for two weeks until August so hit me up. I can't wait to finally be able to shop without sacrificing meals... oh, college! Speaking of which, I still can't believe this is my last year here. Part of me wants to whiz through the year as fast as possible but the other part is reminding me that I should live it up while I can before being thrust into the full time workforce.