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crispy clean

    H&M blazer + silkblend top, black milk wax coated skinnies, vtg oscar de la renta scarf, bottega veneta clutch, prada booties

    Didn't have time to post this here from Chictopia yesterday! Oops. Well, here it is now. If you haven't noticed already, Chictopia now has 400x600 pixel photos instead of the usual 300x350 so if you want a bigger version of something I've posted here, go to my Chictopia and find it there.

    What is there to say about this outfit? Well, I tried to sell this blazer at some point but after problems with USPS it ended up in my hands again so I refunded the money and stuck with it. Is it meant to be? Probably. I wore this to do touristy things in the city while showing around my college-bound cousin and her family. Okay really, people, if you are going to travel to SF please DO NOT insist on riding the cable cars because they are overpriced pieces of $#*% which are hard to enjoy when you're packed like a sardine after waiting in line for an hour. Quintessential San Francisco? I think not. Do I smell a BLUSHING AMBITION GUIDE FOR EXPLORING SAN FRANCISCO? Chances are 70% will consist of food places while the other 30% will involve shopping which really isn't a problem since that's what my readers are interested in, right? Right.

    (Pic totally unrelated but I'm really craving a strawberry macaron. Every time I look at anything pink I think about one.)