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this is not a dress

    H&M lace corset top + chiffon skirt, vintage shoes

    Nope, not a dress! I bought these two peachy keen pieces at different times and H&M locations but it seems like they were just meant for each other. I have this skirt in navy as well and am currently on the lookout for a cute white tube top to pair it with! Oh god, I am so ready for summer. I'm planning on living in floral rompers, light bleached jeans, and loose white tops. And a bunch of other things I can't picture at the moment because the only things I can think of are finishing this paper and frozen yogurt from the Yogurtland that just opened. And the shrimp burrito from cactus that I will be eating in approximately eight hours. And the sandwich from Ike's that I will be eating in two days. Not going to lie, I spend way more money on food than I do on clothes.

    (Oops, food tangent. Two more outfit shots instead of my tired face because the first two don't do the skirt justice.)