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back to black

    see by chloe dress, prada lace up booties, H&M thigh highs, F21 bow headband, bottega veneta clutch (not pictured)

    Two posts in one day? I'm on a roll!! But no, really, how could I not take a pic of this outfit? I am actually wearing this right now because it's BF's birthday and since the shirt I ordered is taking its sweet time in getting to me (the damn thing was supposed to arrive on Friday!) I have to improvise. So, I dressed in his favorite color to see me in and put on this bow headband. HAHAHAH GET IT?! I'M HIS PRESENT?! Okay, that's a little pathetic. Although he was the one who said (somewhat half-asleep) that I am his favorite present. (CUE: *AWWWWWW*)

    To be quite honest, though, it does feel quite nice to return to these all-black outfits every once in a while. My spring outfits are refreshing and all but I always end up falling back on black when all else fails.

    (No video yet although I think I finally have this dance down but I need someone to record me doing it HAHAHAHAHAHAH.)