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easter sunday best

    anthropologie dress, h&m wedges

    Happy Easter everyone! I don't really have much planned for today other than schoolwork and recovering from the weekend but I dressed up and did my hair anyway. I bought this dress freshman year and can't figure out why I've only worn it twice since it's so pretty! I am kind of regretting putting this on right now since I'm cooped up inside instead of enjoying the sunlight that has finally come out. I guess the day won't be wasted since BF and I are getting pho in San Francisco once he gets out of work. Speaking of BF, I tried to get him to let me take a picture of his outfit yesterday but he wouldn't let me! Ugh, so mean. I can't complain at the moment since he's buying me pho, hehe.

    (I guess my pouty faces aren't enough to convince him but maybe you guys can!)